Europe will investigate if the new WhatsApp conditions are illegal

europe will investigate if the new whatsapp conditions are illegal
europe will investigate if the new whatsapp conditions are illegal

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2021 has not been a good year for WhatsApp. The messaging app started the year by announcing new terms of use and a new privacy policy, where it opened the door to messages sent to companies that use the tools of WhatsApp Business were not end-to-end encrypted. In Europe we are protected against this thanks to GDPRBut there is another change from which we would not be protected. Therefore, the EU is going to investigate it.

According to the latest update to the WhatsApp privacy policy, Facebook seeks to aggregate the data of all users on its platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. With this, it is possible to better model the users and get more information about his activity and your preferences, which means better ad personalization.

Germany to investigate changes to WhatsApp conditions

This has not been liked by users or regulatory authorities, and therefore, the data protection authority of Hamburg, the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (HmbBfDI) has announced that it will open an emergency procedure to prevent the new policy from taking effect.

According to Johannes Caspar, commissioner of the data protection agency, they believe that there are reasons to believe that the union of data between WhatsApp and Facebook aims to avoid the voluntary and informed consent of users to transfer their data, which is why they have investigation started.

The decision will be made before May 15, which is when users will have to accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy to continue using the application. However, the problem is that most users of the app will have already accepted it as long as they do not get the notification.

Four years ago they already succeeded

In addition, the decision will surely affect the citizens of Germany, but it is not known whether the European Union as a whole will apply it. This Hamburg organism is the same one that got a little over four years than Facebook and WhatsApp did not share their users’ data with each other. The order was confirmed by two different instances after Facebook decided to take the decision to court.

Thanks to this, data that Facebook and WhatsApp share They have been restricted in the European Union compared to what happens in the rest of the countries of the world. However, if no one stops it, all that effort will not have been of much use under the new conditions. Therefore, it is to be expected that the decision they take will be applied throughout the European Union due to the agreements that are currently active at the legislative level.