Everything you can know with the Huawei GT2e when going for a run


Now that weekends, especially Sundays, are for going out and exercising, you may need a gadget to record your physical activity and even more so if you want short-term results. For that we analyze the data that you can obtain from Huawei Watch GT2e. Since running is the most basic activity of all, I opted for that one for this video. So let’s start with everything.

First of all, I wanted to specify that the Huawei Watch GT2e It has several activities that are related to athletics, such as running on a treadmill, walking outdoors and hiking. We will agree to running outdoors, so I enter the settings to get a better idea of ​​what the service offers.

The Huawei Watch GT2e It allows you to set goals such as distance in kilometers, the time of the session, the calories burned or simply not have any and run without limits. We also have reminders for the system to notify us each interval or if we are at the appropriate heart rate according to our requirement, as well as the record of our condition and effects of exercise. Finally we have the intelligent assistant to improve our rhythm, either with the previous records or by setting a new one.

I want to specify that, for this test, I did five kilometers, an amateur distance to train. And we see here the heart rate, the dynamics, the rhythm and the total time. When going down we have the number of steps, the cadence per minute and the calories burned. And as we continue going down we have the elevation of the terrain and the total climbed in the session. And at the end there are the effects of training, so that you have an idea of ​​the goal you will achieve with your performance.

Every time you do a sports activity, you can check it in the training log. You will have the same data mentioned above, but with more detailed graphics. Of course, remember that through the app Salud de Huawei you can share your activity on social networks.


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