Exatlón 2020: Pame Verdirame was eliminated again amid a new rupture between Ana Lago and the Titans

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Heroes and Titans arrived at the end of the week ready to face a new contest that would define the future of its members. Teams came to the Battle for Survival in different conditions. The blues, for example, came from losing their strength in the last game, while the reds seemed to be in optimal condition.

The athletes they put their skills to the test on the river circuit, a series of obstacles that stood out for requiring speed and balance. In the definition zone it was necessary to throw nine heavy cubes to obtain the victory.

This time they were the men of the blue team took them at risk to be eliminated and, from the crimson side, women would be the nominees.

The first half of the competition, the Titans team took the game with a score of five over three of their rivals. However, the heroes they did not let the imbalance of the scoreboard beat them and in the second round of the Battle they achieved a historic comeback.

By remaining nine to nine, the teams faced each other in the well-known Exatlon relay race. On the part of the reds, the canoeist participated Heliud Pulido and the gymnast Ana Lago, while the blue ones were the parkour practitioner Ernesto Cázares and the basketball player Casandra Ascencio.

In an unexpected turn of the scoreboard, the Heroes managed to stay together one more week, but his opponents had a difficult decision ahead.

The Reds again presented strong friction for the elimination (Photo: Twitter / @ Exatlon_Mx)

By score, the host of the program, Antonio Rosique, announced that they would be soccer player Pame Verdirame and pole vault athlete Carmelita Correa, who would have to go to the elimination duel. However, the definition of the third possible candidate was left to the person with the highest score, that is, the soccer player Mati Álvarez.

Thus, the piping circuit received a concerned red team that would have to see one of their companions leave. Álvarez announced that it would be the gymnast Ana Lago who would have to contend for the elimination.

The news was not to the liking of Lake who did not remain silent and expressed his annoyance towards the decision of the soccer player. He noted that it had been agreed that “There would be priority for those of us who arrived from day one”, but that would give everything in the circuit.

The contest began with a strong Ana Lago who turned her annoyance back into concentration and managed to remain undefeated on several occasions. However, her companions were not far behind and gave a strong battle.

While the circuit was being carried out, the Reds’ bench indicated that this could be another moment of break in the team. “It is a weight that I will not carry on my shoulders”Mati Álvarez said about the gymnast’s visible annoyance over his decision.

Ana Lago began the Battle for Permanence by turning her courage into concentration (Photo: Twitter / @ Exatlon_Mx)

The soccer player assured that she has no hidden intentions with her teammates and that she made the decision that she considered best for her team, despite the fact that it bothers other of her teammates.

Carmelita Correa used her remaining medal as an additional life to stay in the contest. Although Ana Lago tried to help the footballer who was also nominated, sprinter Zudikey Rodríguez decided to give her transferable medal to the pole vault athlete.

Finally, it was Pame Verdirame who had to leave the competition again. He thanked the support of his family and Heliud, who in his first game asked him to be his girlfriend.

The footballer said goodbye amid the tears of her teammates. In the team a particular silence was maintained due to the friction that they have presented during the last eliminations.

Heliud and Pame said goodbye in a long and moving hug where they told each other how much they loved each other and how strong they made each other within the competition.


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