eye! WhatsApp groups appear by mistake in Google

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WhatsApp will change its conditions of use on February 8 and, if you want to continue using this instant messaging application, you will have to accept them yes or yes. This has caused many users to be looking for alternatives to WhatsApp and decide to abandon the application once and for all: Signal has achieved a historical growth in users and the same happens with another of its rivals, Telegram. The error already occurred in 2019 and WhatsApp claimed to have solved it

However, the change in the rules is not the only reason why some users are changing platforms. WhatsApp is also registering some technical problems in recent weeks, such as the inability to show screenshots of the videos that are shared on YouTube, an error that after a month has not been resolved.

To this now is added another problem that seemed solved a few years ago but that occurs again: the fact that some WhatsApp group chats appear indexed in Google. This means that anyone can access and join them.

If you have experienced that someone unknown has joined your WhatsApp groups this may be the reason. It turns out that you can create a URL to invite anyone to a group. That address has to be sent to the person who is part of our group to join, but apparently, Google is able to index that information, which causes that, by performing the precise search, that group appears in the search results .

In 2019 WhatsApp claimed that the problem had already been resolved. However, there are users who are complaining on social networks like Twitter that the problem is happening again, which causes people outside the groups to sneak into them and spy on the content of the conversations, as well as have access to data personal details of the members of these groups: their profile picture, their username, their telephone number …

It could be very easy for any cybercriminal to collect all this data and generate an information base of users to deceive, for example, with some information that is of interest to them or by referring to something commented on in the group.

This is why it is requested extreme caution Before any request or strange link shared in a group, to avoid falling into any of the scams that circulate on WhatsApp.

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