Facebook allows you to choose 30 best friends and prioritize their content

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Facebook has introduced two important new features with the aim of achieving greater control and context by the user in the news section. With this tool, it is possible to select which people and profiles are allowed to comment on posts of a profile. Through a menu, the user can now decide who is authorized to write comments on a post: anyone, only the profiles and pages he follows or only the profiles and pages tagged in the publication.

Get more control and context by the user in the news section

In this way, Facebook users now have greater power to control how the conversations and discussions that are generated in their posts will be, while avoiding unwanted interactions. For brands and public figures this new option allows them to limit the audience that comments on their publications and thus get rid of unpleasant comments and have “more positive conversations”.

From Facebook they maintain that this new measure follows the line of its policy of helping the user to «control and personalize your news section so that your character is reflected in it ”and“ understand why you see the content that appears in the news section ”.

Best facebook friends

In this sense, Facebook also introduces the possibility of creating a group of “favorites”, in which to include up to 30 friends and pages, to prioritize the appearance of their publications in the news section. This tool also allows you to filter your publications to view them separately. All of this is accessed from the filter bar, a menu that appears at the top of the news section.

Facebook 30 friends

This bar also serves to quickly access the most recent content, so that the user has the news classified in chronological order and not according to the algorithm. In the near future, users of the Android application will be able to access the filter bar when scrolling up the news section, a functionality that will be tested in the iOS application in the coming weeks.

To all this are added tools such as the pause function, which allows you to temporarily hide the publications of a person, page or group, and the option to deactivate political ads.

From now on, Facebook users will also be able to obtain more information on the news suggested by the social network in the “Why do I see this?” Section. By clicking on the posts of friends, pages and groups, you can get details about the reasons why they are displayed in the news section: related interactions, similar topics and location. To update the content you want to see in the news section, you can check the preferences and modify the privacy settings in the application.


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