Facebook already allows programming Stories

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Facebook has announced that it has incorporated new tools and possibilities into Business Suite, the platform where corporate accounts can be managed in an integrated way on this social network and on Instagram.

Business Suite users will be able to create Stories and edit posts already published

Business Suite already allowed to send and receive messages, publish posts and edit and share announcements, but now also allows you to create Stories and has included the ability to edit content already published. The social network announces that more news will come soon.

Create Stories in Facebook Business Suite

The most celebrated novelty is the inclusion of the possibility of creating and sharing Stories in which companies can show their products, events and offers. To do this, once you are on the main page of the Business Suite, just press “Create Story” or “Post and Stories” from the Business Suite app.

In this way, it is now possible to generate a Storie and share it simultaneously on the business platform and on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, there is the option of scheduling the publications to create a Stories calendar. In this way, Facebook hopes that more and more brands will opt for advertising made by and for the mobile phone, in a vertical format and adapted to the audience of social networks.

Stories in Business Suite

Edit posts already published with Business Suite

Another noteworthy update is the possibility to edit posts already published. Also in the “Post and Stories” section, and once the publication to be modified has been selected, it is possible to make the desired changes and access a preview of the entry.

In an official statement, Facebook has advanced the news that it will incorporate to Business Suite in the coming months. One of them will be the possibility of create and manage albums, a tool that will be very useful for companies to show their products and services.

The company is also working on a kind of notebook or drafts in which Business Suite users will be able to collect and save ideas to build their publications on the platform.