Facebook and Gucci unite against the sale of fake products

facebook private data error instagram
facebook private data error instagram
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Facebook private data error Instagram

Facebook and Gucci have taken joint legal action to fight against the sale of counterfeit products on the social network, which has very explicit conditions of use regarding the products that can be sold on it or not, especially in the new stores launched last summer.

Facebook and Gucci have denounced the heads of a network for the sale of counterfeit objects

Both companies have filed a lawsuit against the leaders of an international network of trafficking and commercialization of counterfeit objects that operated on Facebook and, in this way, they seek to launch a warning to prevent this kind of actions, “which will not be tolerated”, as they assure in a release, and announce that they will continue their efforts to eradicate this business.

The complaint is motivated, on the one hand, by the violation of the terms of use of Facebook and Instagram and, on the side of Gucci, by the violation of your intellectual property rights. The defendants, the complainant companies maintain, used different social media profiles to evade Facebook controls and continue to sell counterfeit Gucci products.

The terms of use of Facebook and Instagram explicitly prohibit the infringement of intellectual property, as well as the sale and promotion of fake products. To reinforce security in this regard, Facebook and Instagram have implemented measures to greater protection of intellectual property, an alert system to remove this type of advertising and a tougher policy on repeat offenders. It remains to be seen whether the social network is capable of applying its measures or whether, as with fraudulent advertising, it is overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task.

This is the first time that Facebook has litigated with another company. His decision is part of Facebook’s efforts to suppress, by legal means, the crimes that are committed on its platform. Likewise, the movement reflects Facebook’s growing interest in eCommerce, thus seeking to create a safe environment for companies to do business on the social network.