Facebook as an alternative to Tinder to flirt and find a partner

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Facebook Couples -also called Facebook Dating- is Facebook’s tool to meet new people and connect with users of the social network. It was launched in 2018 in Colombia and, from there, it went to other Latin American countries and up to a score of countries in the testing phase.

It is estimated that, in large cities like New York, Facebook Couples can be used by 7% of single people

It was in September 2019 when it was officially launched in the United States, and it arrived in Europe in October last year, after several delays due to the reluctance of the Irish regulatory body about the treatment of the use of user data. It is now 6 months since its launch in Spain.

Since then, it is an available feature that not too many users have started using. Although to use it you need to create a separate profile (Although the photos of the Facebook profile can be used, the Couples profile is not connected), its use is completely anonymous and friends on the social network do not have to know that they are looking for a partner or meet people to flirt, anymore that is not notified at any time.

However, some users may still be reluctant to use the “just in case” feature. Another reason can be errors in the service, which often crashes or shows users who do not meet the search requirements that are set in the profile configuration options.

Also, if few users use it, there is little chance of “finding love”. Facebook does not provide data on how many users use Facebook Couples, but some guidance can be had. For example, as they have analyzed in The Verge, it is known that the use of Facebook Couples is considerably less than that of other dating applications, and especially in comparison with Tinder, the most used and downloaded.

To reach this conclusion, data from Facebook’s own advertising campaigns have been compared, which on the social network has displayed banners indicating the number of single people who use Facebook Couples in certain parts of the world. For example, in New York they point out that there are currently 287,000 single people using Facebook Couples. Taking into account that the census of singles in the city is 4 million, Facebook Dating usage rate would be set at 7%.

Similar percentages can be drawn from the figures shown by Facebook in the advertisements it establishes in other cities. The funny thing is that, in addition, the data of single people is changing. In fact, last week, to follow the New York example, 285,000 singles were listed using the app.

This means that the app is being used more and more, although it grows slowly, compared to Tinder and other applications. This week, in addition, we have learned that Facebook is working to bring to the tool a possibility: virtual appointments by video call, something that Tinder already launched during the months of confinement last year.

Basically the novelty would be to include a button so that you don’t have to leave Facebook Couples and establish that more direct contact with the person you are meeting, possibly using Facebook Rooms technology. At the moment, it is only known that Facebook is carrying out tests, and it is unknown if or when the functionality will be officially launched.

What is known is that Facebook launched an app this week, in the testing phase, where you can have “speed dating” for just a few minutes, also by video call. It’s called Sparked and, at the moment, it can only be used in the United States and under a waiting list.