Facebook asks employees not to display the logo in public

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The tense situation in the United Statess after the events that occurred last Wednesday, when supporters of President Donald Trump tried to access the Capitol building in Washington, and the indefinite closure of the accounts of the still tenant of the White House on Facebook and Instagram, has put Mark’s company Zuckerberg in the eye of the hurricane in recent days.

Facebook adopts the measure after being in the center of the targets for having eliminated Donald Trump’s accounts

Many citizens blame Facebook for having served for months as a channel to spread content that has harangued the masses and has led the country to the tense situation in which it finds itself. Facebook’s passivity in this regard, as well as the reaction in recent days, has ignited some sectors of the US citizenry, who, far from seeing Facebook as a symbol of the country’s prosperity, see a harmful tool.

So much so that, to avoid a possible attack in such a tense situation, the company you have sent an internal note to all your workers in which he asks his employees not to wear clothing with the Facebook logo in public, and to avoid displaying any type of product that bears the company name, such as caps, backpacks, suitcases … or any of the multiple merchandising objects that the social network sells.

“Due to recent events, and as a precautionary measure, the security department asks everyone to avoid wearing clothing and objects with the Facebook logo during these dates,” says the note to which The Information has had access.

“The events that have occurred in recent hours show that President Donald Trump will try to use his remaining time in government to avoid a peaceful transition for his chosen successor, Joe Biden,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder. of the social network, which just today announced the hiring of a Vice President for Human Rights, a newly created position in its organization chart.


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