Facebook changes its algorithm to favor original news

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Facebook has introduced new changes in its algorithm that affect the way in which informational content is displayed on the social network. This is the fourth change made by the social network to improve the way news is disseminated in the last year, in order to reduce hoaxes on the platform and promote higher quality content.

Facebook will ‘hide’ information that does not provide new data or is not considered original

As indicated by the company, from now on, the informative articles that do not contain original information or a specific analysis, and dedicate themselves solely to repeating information that has already been published by other media, their distribution will be reduced in the users’ update feed.

What Facebook will do is that the algorithm that orders the content that is shown to each user when they enter the social network takes into account that it is not original content and, therefore, gives it less weight and positions it in a position lowest among all the news that it shows the user. It is not that it stops showing, but if it is “hidden” among many other updates, so there is a greater chance that the user don’t scroll enough to get to it. Therefore, your visibility will be considerably reduced. This is something that already applies to other types of content, such as health sensationalists.

Facebook has indicated that it will especially value as original material the contents that contain exclusive information on a certain topic, as well as the detailed analyzes on a current event and the interviews carried out with a relevant person. Also the contents that contain original visual elements – photographs, videos … – will be especially valued for their algorithm.

For now, this change in the way the news is displayed comes into effect for content published in English. According to Facebook, the novelty will also be deployed in other languages ​​in the coming months.

This measure joins the one already adopted in November 2020, by which Facebook indicated that I would prioritize original sources and that transparently show the author of the contents when displaying the news in users’ news feeds.

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