Facebook creates Sparked, a video speed dating app

facebook sparked 1.jpg
facebook sparked 1.jpg
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Facebook’s experimental laboratory NPE (New Product Experimentation) has started with the initial tests of its latest app project, currently only available internally in beta version. This time it is a app for speed dating by video conferencing, of a maximum of four minutes, called Sparked. After those four minutes of conversation, users will be able to choose whether to “match” with the person with whom they have had the appointment or if they prefer to move on to the next conversation.

Sparked is a speed dating app – maximum of 4 minutes – per video conference

The objective of Sparked is to differentiate itself from other dating applications by trying to be more exact in the suggestions of “matches” and thus save the user the own Tinder process of going from candidate to candidate. Taking into account the large amount of data on its users that Facebook accumulates, the developers of Sparked have designed a system that facilitates “matches” between users based on their tendencies, likes and behavior on the social network.

After this first brief appointment with the possible matches, the users they can decide to have a longer conversation by the same system and, if the thing works, continue with their relationship already outside of “Sparked”.

Sparked Dating Facebook

This new Facebook app differs from other dating apps by not having public profiles or the ability to send you messages private to other users. In addition, its use is completely free and, for the moment, it has not been detailed that there will be extended versions or facilities for users who pay money, as is the case with Tinder and its premium options.

Facebook has not yet clarified how the profile of users will be linked on the social network and in Sparked. It is assumed that it is thanks to the data on habits and interests collected on Facebook that Sparked is able to offer its users “matches” that are appropriate to their tastes.

At the moment the Sparked website, although it is created, is inaccessible and it is unknown when Facebook will open the tests so that any user who wishes can test the application.