Facebook fears iOS 14: can it hurt you more than the advertising boycott?

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On June 22 Apple dropped the bomb in its 2020 WWDC when it said that iOS 14 was going to release a series of specific tools to allow users to control which information third-party apps could access and which not. A torpedo in the waterline of many companies that take advantage of that free field to roam freely, collecting and marketing our personal information.

One of the first examples that transcended those changes in iOS 14 was the possibility of knowing, and block those applications that entered our clipboard to sniff around what we visit, see, read or share. TikTok appeared as one of the first indicated and, quickly, had to run to update its app to end the accusations.

Facebook fears iOS 14

Now, from the social network itself, they watch with suspicion all these changes that iOS 14 is going to add and, specifically, its chief financial officer, David Wehner, declared on CNBC that From the company they fear that there will be a negative impact on the way in which Facebook manages its entire advertising ecosystem right now, which could seriously damage their accounts from September, a scenario that they already contemplate.

New iOS 14 for iPhone.

“We are still trying to understand what these changes will look like and how they will affect us and the rest of the industry, but at least, will make it more difficult for application developers […] grow using Facebook ads and elsewhere. “Specifically, the Facebook CFO refers to the option that iOS 14 will release and that will allow users to block the tracking tracking of applications, which will prevent those who sell this data to segment the advertising that we show, they can know what we do, what websites we visit or what apps we use the most every day on our smartphone.

This new feature is presented in iOS 14 as “Apple requires app developers to request permission before tracking you. or your device through non-proprietary applications or websites to target advertising, measure your actions due to advertising, or share your information with data brokers. “That is, Tim Cook’s offer the opportunity to shield our phone so that no one can make a profit thanks to the daily use of our terminal.

Remember that in recent weeks many advertisers boycotted the social network for his alleged refusal to combat hate speech, following the events of the murder of George Floyd. Surely, iOS 14 is a much worse threat.