Facebook is already working on its own Clubhouse knockoff

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Proof that Clubhouse, the social network for audio chats that everyone has talked about in recent weeks, is being a success is the fact that they are only showing up competitors. Twitter has been developing Twitter Spaces for months, a function that is certainly similar and that it has already tested with some users – we ourselves have been able to use it and it is really very similar to Clubhouse – and in recent days we have also talked about Quilt – similar, although focused on wellness issues- and Fireside, which is in development and will be released later this year.

Facebook could take months to get your copy of Clubhouse ready

But the definitive proof is that Facebook, a company that traditionally imitates everything that can be successful on other social networks, is preparing his own version of Clubhouse. Not surprisingly, he does so after Mark Zuckerberg himself took a surprise participation in a Clubhouse room last week that reached the maximum limit of users allowed at the same time, 5,000, with whom he talked about augmented reality and virtual reality.

Now we know that Facebook prepares its own version of the audio chats app. According to the newspaper The New York Times, which cites sources close to the social network, the development is still in a very preliminary phase and the company’s engineers who are involved in its creation are strictly prohibited from making statements.

This means that, at least it would be weeks – if not months – to attend the launch of a Clubhouse-like feature within Facebook. It seems that on this occasion, the success of audio chats has taken Mark Zuckerberg’s company by surprise, which will take time to have its product ready.

Bear in mind that even Clubhouse is still in beta, and its official launch has not been made, but in this sense Twitter is much more advanced than Facebook, since Spaces is almost a reality. In any case, Facebook has not officially confirmed that it is working on an audio chat platform.

After imitating the success of Stories and copying Snapchat, trying to mimic the TikTok boom with Instagram Reels, launching his own Tinder … there is no doubt that sooner or later, if Clubhouse continues to be so popular, Facebook will end up having its own audio chat functionality … or buying one. We will have to be vigilant.


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