Facebook launches Hotline, another app to make live conferences

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Facebook has just launched a trial version of a new app by the name of Hotline. Still in beta, this Q&A app (Questions and Answers or “Questions and Answers”) is a mix between Clubhouse and Instagram Live that has been developed by NPE, the engineering team of the social network that creates experimental applications.

It is a live conference app that combines Clubhouse and Instagram Live aspects

The app is accessed via the web, through Hotline.co, although at the moment it is not available for all countries, but for users in the United States. It is unknown if Facebook will officially launch it in more countries once the trial period passes. On this website, the application cannot be downloaded, but the user can only register with a Twitter account and sign up for a waiting list to receive the invitation that allows them to access the Hotline and create their first sessions.

Once accessed, users can Addressing an audience who, in turn, may ask questions in writing or via audio. Unlike what happens in the Clubhouse, the lecturer can remove questions from queue that you deem inappropriate or expel viewers from your session. In the first tests of Hotline it will be Facebook employees who moderate the events and expel those who violate the data policy and the rules of the social network.

So far, Hotline not available as an iPhone app, although it is known that it is among Facebook’s plans to put it into circulation in the coming months. In this video distributed by Facebook you can see what Hotline is like in motion:

The social network has been working on this project since February. In March, Facebook dropped a new “live audio” tool at hand, but without giving any further clues. The end result, which combines Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces aspects, it has a more formal and professional look than a mere chat application.


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