Facebook launches Super, its app to talk to celebrities live

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Facebook has launched “Super”, an app that allows you to interact with creators and famous people during scheduled live broadcasts to meet their fans. It is a function similar to the existing Cameo app, which allows you to greet and participate with relevant people live in exchange for a small economic amount.

Super is in an experimental phase but its website can now be accessed and there are scheduled events

The new Facebook tool has been developed in just a couple of months by Facebook’s experimental products team, NPE. Since last December it was in the internal testing process and its website has already been launched, from which you can see what the next scheduled meetings will be and with whom, as well as a score of events already held.

With a very attractive and colorful design, to register in Super from Facebook, curiously, a Google account (not a Facebook account) is necessary and the user has the possibility of joining the events for free if they just want to be a mere spectator.

However, if you want to “take action”, you can buy, for example, a “Supporter” pass that will credit you as such with a specific badge and allow you to send virtual gifts to the star you will meet, with your personalized messages. The price can be fixed, although from what we have seen so far in most events the “fan” subscription costs $ 5.

Events with celebrities on Facebook

At some events, you can also buy VIP passes, which are usually limited. This, in addition to granting you a differential badge, will also allow you to have a 1 on 1 conversation with the personality during the chat. It would be like “going on stage” for a few minutes to be able to ask any question you want.

There are more functionalities. For example, followers can be charged for things like taking a virtual photo together, sending a personalized birthday greeting to someone special and other possibilities. Creators are also expected to be able to sell their merchandise and merchandise on Super live broadcasts, as they can already do on Facebook and Instagram.

Super Facebook

At the moment, it can only be accessed as an assistant, and there is no possibility of creating a “creator” account to start new events, but it would be logical for this to be offered in the future if the app is consolidated and that personalities can access the platform, create and monetize your encounters directly.


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