Facebook officially launches the E.gg app

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Facebook today officially launched the E.gg app, which can now be downloaded by any user from the App Store for free. It is an application developed by the research and development team NPE Team that usually creates experimental apps and makes them available to users as a test. If they work, they can become part of the Facebook app ecosystem, or their functionality may be integrated into existing Facebook tools.

E.gg is an app that seeks to enhance the creativity of users and that can now be used on iOS

If the tests do not pass, the apps are directly eliminated after being tested, as happened for example with Lasso, an app that tried to imitate the videos and user experience of TikTok, or as with Hobbi, which tried to imitate Pinterest.

It seems that E.gg has passed at least the internal tests and now anyone who wishes can try it, after five months of being announced in July 2020. It is an application that allows you to make all kinds of designs and «Creative spaces», collages created with numerous graphic elements: Canvas with photographs, styles, colors, fonts … and of course, creating GIF files in a fun way, as well as using the extensive Giphy moving image bank, which Facebook bought on last May.

With all this, E.gg provides the user with the necessary tools to have more possibilities to create memes and share vitalizing content on social networks. “This is an experimental platform to express yourself in a crazy, wonderful and fun way and show who you are and what you love,” acknowledges Jason Toff, Facebook Product Manager.

But in addition to being a tool to create content, it also has social overtones. For example, by using E.gg you can not only make collages, but you can also browse the content that other users have created.

Thus, when a user finds a collage made by another that he wants to use in his social networks, he can do it, provided he attributes authorship to the creator of the content, an obligation that the app has included now that it is officially launched, because during the testing phase it was not like that and many creators criticized that their designs were copied.


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