Facebook prepares a social network for former inmates

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Facebook is developing a new social network called “The Re-Entry App” which aims to help the reintegration of former inmates once they have left prison.

The Re-Entry is a social network project with which Facebook seeks the integration of former inmates into society

The social network, with which Facebook wants to help eliminate the gaps that keep this population group marginalized, is being tested internally. However, due to a mistake, during this week it was announced on Instagram with the slogan «get ready for life after prison«. In this sense, it was proposed to Instagram users to help and support those who have gone through prison for their social reintegration, helping them to face their new life in society.

Instagram asked users who showed the message to provide their opinion on a previous version of the app. At present, this failure has been corrected and again it is only Facebook employees who continue to test the operation of The Re-Entry, a function that takes up initiatives from other social platforms such as WriteAPrisioner, which put inmates in contact with people they wanted. write to them by letter … but now in a more digital environment.

In this sense, in the United States inmates are prohibited from accessing any platform or social network, although they are allowed to send emails to recipients outside the prison.

At the moment, it is not known if “The Re-Entry” will finally be launched or when it will be done, or what format and functionalities it will have. Everything will depend on the results of these tests that Facebook is carrying out.

Already last June the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they would begin to develop products that allow move towards racial justice. Since then, teams have been created that seek to respond to the needs of communities that until now have remained marginalized. One of the fruits of his work would be the creation of this social network that promotes the integration of those who have been in prison.


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