Facebook prepares its own smartwatch

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It is not the first time that there has been talk of the possibility that Facebook is preparing its own smartwatch. In fact, having its own smartwatch was the reason that led Facebook to bid on Fitbit in 2019, although the company was eventually bought by Google, an acquisition that was completed in January of this year.

Facebook smartwatch would work with a 4G connection

Faced with the impossibility of taking over the signature of smartwatches, Facebook could be developing its own. This is assured in a report published in The Information, which cites sources close to the company. Apparently, Facebook would like to have a smart watch that would allow it to have access to more information and user data regarding their sports activities and health history and thus be able to provide better products and services tailored to their needs and activity patterns.

As it has been known, the Facebook clock would be based on an open source version of Android. This operating system would be compatible with most mobile phones, although Facebook works in a version that allows the clock to have autonomy and not have the need to be connected to any other device.

In this sense, the data would be stored on the clock and would be dumped directly to the social network, from where you could control all the values, schedule exercises, evaluate routines, include health data … Facebook does not need any intermediary -mobile phone- If the information can come directly through a 4G connection to their servers, which is what interests you.

The watch would also have the possibility of sending and receiving messages, although it is unknown if it could be through the voice or with the integration of some type of keyboard. Everything is speculation. At the moment there is no official confirmation by the social network about the development of this watch, which would be in the prototype phase and which, if produced, would be arriving in stores at the end of 2022 or 2023 at the earliest.


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