Facebook Removes MEK-Linked Troll Farms

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Facebook has removed more than 300 accounts associated with troll farms. Mostly linked to the Iranian political group known as Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), according to The report of Uncoordinated Unauthentic Behavior (CIB) shared by the company this week.

Among the closed accounts, 41 pages, 21 groups, 128 profiles and even 146 Instagram accounts stand out. All directly related to MEK and allegedly managed from Albania.

MEK would be using troll farms to criticize Iranian government management

MEK is a dissident group against the policies of the Iranian government, exiled to Albania approximately 40 years ago. And it seems to be behind the troll farms pointed out by Facebook, because they use both false and true accounts to criticize the management of the government authorities of that country.

People with masks using computers

He is also accused of using images of deceased children, celebrities, models, dissidents and even creating fake photos through artificial intelligence to attract more people to his organization. As well as exalting the management they defend.

Considering these factors, we are certainly facing deepfakes and characteristics of a troll farm. This behavior violates the terms of use of the social platform, and therefore has caused the suspension of the accounts indicated.

Facebook’s accusation against MEK is “ridiculous”

Faced with the measure of the social media giant, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) indicated that “the accusation that there is a ‘troll farm’ linked to the MEK in Albania is ridiculous and absolutely false.” Despite the complaints, Facebook maintained its position. After all, the evidence speaks for itself.

Thus, the company continues to work to dismantle these types of groups or at least prevent them from continuing to generate hatred through its social platform.

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