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Facebook regularly offers generic tips that can help make your social media marketing experience more satisfying. After recommending ways to create more attractive text for your ads, now he provides some keys to generate more leads on Facebook and maximize efforts.

Create a sense of urgency but without promising impossible things, basic for obtaining leads on Facebook

As we say, they are generic recommendations that, of course, will not find the key to success. We always recommend that it is necessary to have a plan and a specific marketing strategy adapted to the needs and objectives of each company, but even if they are generic advice, it is always good to take them into account because they will help to better understand the use and needs of the audience .

Facebook lead capture

According to the image they have shared, the secret is to offer the benefit that you will get clearly in the text of the publication. The same must provide the image, making it clear what the object of the promotion will be or what will be achieved in exchange for giving the data. The text on the image should be short, without offering impossible, credible things.

Where you should choose a language that is motivating and leads the user to leave their data is in the call to action that is located next to the “Subscribe” button. Creating a sense of urgency and providing a reason to click will be critical.

In addition to this image, the social network focuses mainly on four points, which are the following:

-Leads collection. According to Facebook, brands have to ensure that their audience understands what they are subscribing to when they fill out a form (that is, when they provide their personal data and become a lead, a potential sale). That is why it is necessary to clearly explain what the value proposition is, so that the user is motivated to offer their data.

-Offer before ordering. Facebook notes that brands that want users to leave their personal data have to give them something in return first. It can be access to a whitepaper, a discount, a newsletter … that is why it is necessary that this be properly explained in the text of the publication. The same goes for the image, it should give a clear idea of ​​what will be obtained.

-Landing Page. It is essential to have a Landing Page that ensures that the people who come to it do exactly what you expect: provide you with their data. Adding other calls to action, texts or even advertising, will make the person can leave the page without leaving their data.

-Choose. Save time and effort by contacting leads who could convert more easily. You can establish a series of ways to measure the purchase intention of a lead. For example, those who take two actions (for example, subscribe to the newsletter and leave their postal address) could have a greater purchase intention than only those who left their email. Each one must establish their own classification and the criteria by which they will consider one lead easier to convert than another.

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