Facebook wants its augmented reality glasses to also give “super hearing”

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Facebook wants its augmented reality glasses to also give 'super hearing'

According to Facebook, augmented reality glasses will not simply have to provide the user with an unprecedented visual experience, but must be systems capable of understanding what you are about to hear and amplify the sound by dampening the background noise. making you believe you have “superhearing”.

These superpowers, called “perceptive superpowers”, have been defined by the AR eyewear development team as an essential feature and by extremely important role in the user experience. According to FRL Research and lead scientist Micheal Abrash, in the future AR headsets will need to be able to “have a conversation held in a crowded restaurant or bar without having to raise your voice to be heard or try hard to understand what others are saying “.

How can they achieve this? Collecting audio with microphones and using contextual clues to gauge the importance of a sound or not, then the earphones would feed those sounds and cancel out the background noise. In the case of a phone call or video call in augmented reality, however, an improved audio would allow the voices of the participants to be projected into the surrounding space, making them believe that they are really with someone else in the same room.

In short, for FRL Research it would be a question of recreating a sort of hearing aid to offer the user a “super” experience. Facebook could also implement this system in other AR initiatives such as LiveMaps, which deals with the creation of maps full of information on the surrounding environment. Other companies like Bose also tried to venture into the development of similar technologies in 2018 in their audio-only AR glasses, using space sensors to detect where users were looking and offer them particular features. However, the project was abandoned in June.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also moved into the music market by signing an agreement with the most important record labels for the publication of the artists’ music videos on the social network.

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