Facebook will allow again to publish news in Australia

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Facebook has announced that the media in Australia will be able to republish news on their Pages on the social network, and that users in the country will again receive informative content (both from the Australian and international media, which were not shown to them either) in the coming days.

Australia will allow Facebook to negotiate directly with the media

The social network has confirmed that it will once again allow the publication of news after reaching an agreement with the Australian government, which will introduce changes in the law that obliged Internet companies such as Google and Facebook to pay the media a fee for publish their news, understanding that they were profiting from that content. Before the entry into force of the legislation, Facebook last week banned the publication of news on the social network.

However, after 11 hours of debate on the new law, the Australian Senate agreed to introduce some modifications to the text, which would benefit companies such as Facebook, to which the law would not apply if they are able to demonstrate that have signed enough agreements with the media to pay them for their content. They will have to show that they have made ‘a significant contribution to sustaining the Australian news industry, as the deal now states, which may benefit the large media conglomerates, but leaves smaller, independent media outlets.

In addition, another of the novelties introduced in the law is that when one of these companies has to comply with the legislation -for, for example, having broken some agreements with the media- it will be notified one month in advance of the obligation to pay rate.

Facebook’s head in Australia, Will Easton, has expressed his compliance with the changes introduced by the government of the country and has indicated that the ability to publish news will arrive “in the next few days” after the fruitful meetings between the company and the government, which have led to the changes approved by the Senate.

Of course, Facebook assures that if in the future the government forced them to comply with the legislation, they would be “forced” to withdraw again the possibility of publishing and reading news on the social network.

Meanwhile, the company has already begun to make agreements with some of the main communication groups in the country to pay them to include their content on the social network. For example, the communication group Seven West Media, which has the television network Seven TV and the West Australian newspaper, has already signed an agreement with the social network. It has also been signed by the local media network Nine.


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