Facebook will deploy 2 new submarine Internet cables

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The submarine cables are essential in internet communications Worldwide. Thanks to them, connections can travel from one continent to another at high speed, with spectacular capabilities thanks to the use of optical fiber. Now, Facebook is going to take care of the deployment of two new cables.

Specifically, these new cables have been baptized as Echo and Bifrost. Its objective will be to connect the northern United States with parts of Southeast Asia. The most curious thing about these cables is that they will not reach China, but will stay a little further down.

Echo and Bifrost: connecting the United States and Southeast Asia

Specifically, Bifrost will go directly to the island of Guam, which belongs to the United States. From there, you will continue your marine journey until you reach Singapore. The second cable will also go to Singapore and will stop at Indonesia, although it will not go directly through GuamInstead, it will go over the top and have a little detour to Guam in case you need to use it. Most of the cables that go from the United States reach Japan or Taiwan, from where they are already in charge of distributing the connection to other countries on the Asian continent through Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The purpose of these cables is twofold. The first is to increase the capacity of the U.S with the Southeast Asian by 70%, and also have greater redundancy in Asia in the event that China decides to impose blockades, offering an alternative route through countries that have a good relationship with the United States. This is the case of Singapore, which is also one of the countries with the best Internet connections in the world. In addition, Echo will be the first cable to connect the United States with some parts of Indonesia, including parts of the central and eastern area, in a country that is the fourth largest in population in the world.

PLCN: the Pacific cable project will go ahead

In the past, the United States has denied Facebook other similar projects due to concerns around China. Therefore, this deployment should eliminate any fear of the government of the country, and the deployment will go ahead. Echo will be jointly deployed with Google, while Bifrost will be supported by companies Telin (from Indonesia) and Keppel (from Singapore).

Currently, Facebook continues with its goal of deploying the network Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), with a distance of 12,800 km, and with funding from Facebook and Google. However, the United States has tried to stop it, since the cable would reach Hong Kong, as well as the Philippines and Taiwan. However, the United States government stopped the deployment of this cable, which would start from California, but Facebook affirms that its goal for the future is to deploy it.

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