Facebook will launch its smart glasses in 2021

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It’s a matter of time. At some point in this year that has just begun, Facebook will launch its “smartglasses”, that is, its smart glasses connected to the Internet.

Facebook works together with Ray-Ban in the development of its glasses connected to the Internet

This has been assured by the maximum Head of Hardware for the social network, Andrew Bosworth, who has acknowledged that smart glasses, which the company has been working on for months, will arrive “sooner rather than later” in 2021.

Facebook is working on the development of these lenses together with Ray-Ban, the popular sunglasses brand, and the Luxottica Group company. It is known that they will work connected to the Internet, but as Bosworth has pointed out, will not incorporate Augmented Reality technology, as speculated at the beginning.

In other words, the lenses that Facebook prepares will not allow objects to be superimposed by means of augmented reality to the user’s field of vision, something that Google does on mobile phones with figures of animals or mythological characters, among other examples.

“Do not create false expectations, we are talking about smart glasses, not augmented reality,” stressed Bosworth. What the manager has assured is that these connected glasses will provide “many functionalities” to those who use them but he has not given much more detail.

It is known that, for example, glasses would allow to save memories and scenes automatically to upload and publish them on social networks. This is something that the Spectacles already allowed, the glasses developed by Snapchat in 2016 and of which it has launched at least three different versions, although none have been a bestseller among the public.

It is expected that Facebook’s will incorporate many other functionalities to compete not only with Snapchat glasses, but also with those being created by Apple and Google, who already launched their Google Glasses in the past, with very limited functionality but which achieved some repercussion. media.


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