Fall Guys is not on Android (yet): ways to play from mobile and alternatives on Google Play

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Fall Guys is a ‘Battle Royale’ style multiplayer game that It has currently achieved notable success on Steam and also on PlayStation 4. There is still no version for Android, but there are ways to play on mobile if you have purchased Fall Guys on the mentioned platforms. In addition, we offer you some alternatives that can be found on Google Play.

It is one of the star streaming games and threatens titles as played and transmitted as Fortnite or PUBG: Fall Guys is fashionable online multiplayer. More than two million copies sold on Steam, Sony delivered it in August to all PS + subscribers and is looking forward to it on mobile devices, everything indicates that it would be an absolute download success. Of course, you have to be careful: Fall Guys is not available on Android, nor on iOS. And you have to keep a close eye on the games that promise to be the version adapted to smartphones.

Google Play fills up with Fall Guys clones

Fall Guys AndroidAndroid apps that take advantage of the pull of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

It is enough that there is a game of great popularity so that in mobile stores like Google Play copies are multiplied, often without very good intentions. And it is enough to do a simple search in the Android store to discover a multitude of apps that pretend to be Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, even with their images, ‘gameplays’ and official captures. All without there being an official version for mobile phones, we have to emphasize it.

Mediatonic, the developers behind the hit game, have warned of the proliferation of Fall Guys clones, also the risk that some of these apps pose. Therefore, it is best to do not install any game on your mobile that promises to be Fall Guys as it is not only cheating you, it can also compromise your phone. Or fill it with advertising, which is the most common.

It would not be strange for Mediatonic to adapt its Fall Guys to mobile phones since the company has titles for smartphones in its catalog (Gears POP !, for example), but at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

Ways to play Fall Guys from an Android mobile

Playstation 4 controller

We have already made it clear: There is no Fall Guys for Android as such and you should run away from any application that promises to be one. However, it is possible to play this title on mobile, although you must first have it on Steam or on PS4. Also, you have to keep the device workingEither the computer with Steam or the PS4 with the PlayStation Plus download.

To use the computer copy you need Steam Link, the Android application that allows stream the game running on your PC to your mobile. In this way you will have access to Fall Guys on your mobile wherever you are, always playing the downloaded copy on your computer remotely (and with it running). It’s not the most practical thing in the world, but it works.

In case you have a PlayStation 4, and you have subscribed to the PS + service, you will have access to the free download of the game (it will be in your library as long as you maintain the subscription). After, you can access remotely from your Android using the PS4 Remote Play app. As in the previous case, the PS4 will be working remotely, so Fall Guys is not actually running on the phone.

The two previous methods imply a good connection in your house, necessary to transmit the streaming in case you are going to play outside. If you run Fall Guys on your Android and under the home WiFi network, you will not have major problems to make the transmission, nor expenses on your telephone bill. Playing streaming consumes a huge amount of mobile data.

The game at hand is a 60-player ‘Battle Royale’ in which everyone competes to finish first after a series of tests. Away from war titles like Fortnite or PUBG, in Full Guays a set of ‘Jelly Beans’ compete, the typical bean-shaped candies of different flavors that gave name to a version of Android. You have to jump, dodge obstacles, climb platforms and run. Much: qualifying for the successive rounds is not easy.

There are endless ‘Battle Royale’ style multiplayer games, although almost all of them are ‘shooters’. With the success of Fall Guys on consoles and computers, competition titles will surely proliferate through tests and obstacles, although for now the catalog is scarce, both in number and quality. Even so, there are some recommended games in the Google Play Store:

  • Fall Dudes 3D. Clearly inspired by Fall Guys, this online multiplayer game is in public beta, but you can easily download it from Google Play. Trials, obstacles, many players and nice graphics for a game that promises.
  • Oopstacles. Of considerably lower quality, although with a style very similar to Fall Guys. More than a thousand levels, multiplayer mode (Versus, coins are needed to activate it) and even a scream mode to control the character yelling at the phone (literal). Oopstacles is available here.
  • Bombergrounds: Battle Royale. This multiplayer title is a competition to see who is the last without receiving a bombshell (the graphic style is very mythical Bomberman). You must dodge the rest of the players, move through the maze and place bombs in order to win first place. You can download it from Google Play.
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