First complaints with Twitter Stories, which works to resolve them

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Twitter officially launched last Tuesday the Fleets – the name given to its Stories, the ephemeral content that disappear within 24 hours of their publication– after having been testing them in some countries like Brazil, South Korea or Japan in recent months. However, its implementation for all users is being carried out gradually and many users have woken up today with the possibility of creating their Stories on Twitter.

Twitter officially launched its Fleets, content that disappears within 24 hours of its publication, this week

This is generating a stir in the social network, where supporters of the new format show their agreement, while others argue that “all social networks are alike” and that they do not know where else they will have to publish their Stories. Too some people refuse to call “Fleets” to the “Stories of a lifetime.”

In addition to this, during the first hours of using the Fleets, some users have pointed out small “bugs” or “adjustments” that the Stories would need on Twitter to make the user experience more satisfactory.

One of the main criticisms is that, apparently, Twitter Fleets do not properly respect settings blocking of some users. There are tweeters who point out that they have been able to tag people who had blocked them. This could lead a user to harangue their followers to send messages to that specific user, rebuking them, for example. There would be no way of knowing that those mass criticisms came from a Fleet in which someone he blocked had tagged him.

You also have to take into account the the way fleets work regarding direct messages. If a person has them closed, only those who are his followers will be able to reply to his Fleets. However, if that person with closed DMs responds to a Fleet from a person who is not his follower, then the other person can initiate a conversation with him.

Another of the circumstances pointed out by some users reflects that, when a user uses the tweet of another in a Fleet, as if retweeting it but through a Story, the author of the content does not receive any notification that it has been shared by another person. The Fleets, in this sense, would not work at the moment like the rest of the tweets.

Twitter has indicated that it listens to user feedback and that it already is working to resolve both issues so that all the content on the social network works in the same way.


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