First look at the major new English-Irish dictionary…

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The cover of the Concise English-Irish Dictionary is red in color with a classic Gum dictionary design

First look at the major new English-Irish dictionary…

We have first seen the first major new English-Irish dictionary in over 60 years.

The cover is red Concise English-Irish Dictionary with the classic Gum dictionary design – a simple style with one vivid color and stripes in two other colors with white edges.

The stripes at the bottom of the cover of the new dictionary are blue and green with white edges.

There are no oblique stripes at the top as in O’Donnell ‘s and De Baldraithe’ s dictionaries, but other than that the new dictionary adheres to the recognizable design of Irish dictionaries.

The title bears only the title, in white, and the name of the editor – Pádraig Ó Mianáin, the Derry scholar who led the dictionary team.

The design was done by Caomhán Ó Scolaí from Cois Fharraige.

On the back of the new dictionary, which contains 1,800 pages and 30,000 headwords, is the title of the work, the name of the editor and the logo of Foras na Gaeilge which funded the project.

8,000 copies of the new dictionary are being made available and printed by an Irish company based in Italy.

The new dictionary will be distributed to bookshops next month and Foras na Gaeilge says that “a new campaign will be launched to publicize the significant publication in the autumn”.

The new work is based on focló, the online dictionary which is considered one of the most ambitious and important Irish language projects in a long time.

The online dictionary contains 48,000 headwords but cuts were required for the print version.

The body of the dictionary is 1,700 pages and contains 80 pages of language and grammar supplements.

Foclóir an Mhianánaigh, a project of Foras na Gaeilge, is the first such work since the publication of Thomáis de Bhaldraithe ‘s dictionary in 1959.

When the new dictionary was launched to the publishers in May, Foras na Gaeilge’s Dictionary Project Manager, Cormac Breathnach, told that the dictionary team was very pleased that they had succeeded in making the move and getting the work done. at a time when people were facing many difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

“We are all delighted that the printed version of the New English-Irish Dictionary was sent to the printers on Monday. There have been significant unforeseen difficulties in the final stages of the dictionary due to the policies that have been in place throughout the country for some time, ”said Cormac Breathnach at the time.