FITT360, the 360 ​​camera that doesn’t need hands to record what we do

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From time to time gadgets appear that are absolutely great and that completely change our concept of a specific category. Until now, when we thought about we made a 360º camera from a device with two fisheye lenses capable of each covering practically 180º of our vision space. There we have the models of Samsung and other brands that, over the years, seem to have forgotten this original way of capturing reality.

FITT360 with 360 camera.

But Linkflow, which has some very interesting professional models in its portfolio, like the NEXX360, has developed a 360º camera, FITT360, that does not need hands to operate and that we must place ourselves on the neck so that it records everything that happens around us. In addition, it has audio functions so you can connect it to headphones to listen to what you want.

FITT360 with 360 camera.

Record your life effortlessly

This FITT360 is an original gadget that is placed around our neck and that installs three different cameras that each cover a 120-degree viewing angle. That allows them to see everything that happens around us and, thanks to the connection with our mobile, enjoy it in real time, either to store it on your microSD card, or when carrying out live broadcasts through YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms with which it is compatible and that we can start, either with Wi-Fi connectivity, or with 4G / LTE connectivity.

Live broadcast with 360º calls.

This FITT360 It has a battery that, according to the manufacturer, allows continuous use of between 60 and 70 minutes. That will be the maximum space of time that we can record if we want to record a trip, the emotion of getting on a roller coaster or visiting a house in which we are interested. Although its uses in the personal sphere are many, Linkflow also wants to guide you towards the professional part, as a device capable of video conferencing at work, medical operations, virtual walks and product demonstrations.

It has a USB-C charging connector, an application for both iOS and Android and even GPS and you have it available to order at a launch price of $ 599 (505 euros) that, right now, it stands at $ 489 (412 euros) as a promotion. It must be said that this device came to Kickstarter in 2018 and it reached its goals to spare so now, unlike then, it does so in a generalized way for all users who are interested. Although they did not support the project at the time.


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