Flirting on Tinder with a police uniform is prohibited

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There are many users of applications to flirt and meet people who find it especially morbid to meet a uniformed person. That is why some users take advantage of their status as Police or Civil Guard – or any other profession in uniform, such as doctors, nurses, firefighters … – to try to attract the attention of their possible matches with photographs dressed in their clothing. job.

The National Police punishes with up to 5 months of suspension of employment and salary to appear on Tinder dressed in the official uniform

However, that claim wearing the uniform in a “frivolous” manner is punished by the different security forces, which try to curb the fashion of their agents to publish uniformed photographs in apps like Tinder but also in other social networks, for example on Instagram or doing dances and challenges on TikTok.

For example, the National Police considers that using the uniform in these situations could lead to undermining the respect that the profession deserves, or to confusion among users about the official nature of the content. This is why it has typified disciplinary sanctions that could lead to suspension of employment and salary between three and five months if the notorious discredit to the institution is proven or that the uniform or any other regulatory object, such as a badge or even a weapon, is being used for frivolous and unlawful purposes.

The Civil Guard also plans to launch a specific rule for its agents and avoid this type of behavior, according to the Efe Agency. According to the draft regulations, it is intended to limit the use of the uniform in situations outside the service, such as accounts and profiles on social networks, unless prior authorization.

The measure would affect not only the use of the uniform on the Internet, but also in life 1.0, in meetings, events or even events with charitable purposes in which the presence of the uniformed agent did not correspond to his work as a security and order maintenance force. .

Also, many municipalities request their Local or Regional Police to ask for a prior authorization before wearing his official uniform in a social media post. Other security bodies have not yet regulated this but are considering doing so, given the considerable increase in selfies on networks such as Instagram or profiles on Tinder that use official clothing as a claim.