Flying over the Los Angeles airport in a jetpack, touched by two airliners

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Flying over the Los Angeles airport in a jetpack, touched by two airliners

It is incredible what happened over the weekend in the skies of Los Angeles International Airport. A boy, in fact, it was raised about 900 meters above the ground thanks to a rocket backpack, risking being hit by two airliners who immediately reported everything to the control tower.

In the transcript of the recordings, published by the Guardian, the pilot of the aircraft states the following: “control tower, American 1997, we just passed a guy in a jet pack“Shortly thereafter, the controller receives another similar message, di a second plane that had nearly hit the jetpack, and invites a third airliner to use caution and fly with the utmost attention. The man, according to local press reports, would have flown less than 300 meters from airplanes.

On the question is investigating not only the Federal Aviation Administration, but also the FBI. A spokeswoman for the Feds, Laura Eilmiller, speaking to the Los Angeles Times said that “the FBI is aware of the pilots’ reports on Sunday and is working to determine what happened.” The sighting took place around 18:35, and at the moment it is not clear who is behind it, and some (such as the expert David Mayman) say that probably the object in question is not a jetpack as the technologies currently exist they do not allow you to fly at that height.

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