Former MEP Liadh Ní Riada has been appointed language planning officer in the Cork Gaeltacht

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Liadh Ní Riada says she does not know if she will return to politics in the future or if she would stand for Sinn Féin or as an independent

Former MEP Liadh Ní Riada has been appointed language planning officer in the Cork Gaeltacht

Former Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has been appointed Language Planning Officer for the Múscraí Gaeltacht.

Ní Riada, a candidate at the last presidential election, said she did not know whether she would return to politics again or if she would go to Sinn Féin or become independent.

“I’ve left the door behind,” she said while interviewing The Southern Life on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta.

She said that she was really enjoying getting back to work in her own Gaeltacht communities and was looking forward to the challenge of trying to attract people to speak Irish.

“I don’t think classes are the best way to start. I think it should be something that happens naturally, or organically. Do you know that if you were cooking, you were cooking and you are making it through Galeon.

“That’s the kind of attitude or direction I would consider going with. But of course, I’ve only been in the job for a few days and I’m learning, ”she said.

The new Language Planning Officer for Muskerry said that language legislation and language rights were very important to the work of language planning.

“Although Gaoluinn is our official language … there are plenty of services that don’t exist in Gaoluinn and there are people who don’t realize they have those rights either. So there must be that demand as well because if people are not going to do their business through Relationships, why would the services be there?

“We face that kind of challenge. But really [we have to] cross that bridge to the English-speaking community as well instead of talking to ourselves all the time. Because we are all very sympathetic and love for Galeen, but if we don’t bring the rest of us, we’re sort of floating against the tide and we’re always talking to ourselves. ”

The former politician said that people needed to be given the confidence to speak Irish.

“We have to look at ways to be bilingual properly and not be so disturbed, people are reluctant and people are shy about using Galeinn probably because they think they don’t have it accurately or precisely that they would make mistakes. And we have to put an end to that, ”said Liadh Ní Riada.

Múscraí’s Language Planning Officer said she was delighted with the young people who were “not so hung up” about the Irish language and had a “very positive attitude”.

On the political front, she said that she felt that Sinn Féin had neglected it in the last European or presidential election but failed to understand that it was “politics”.

She said that if she had a chance again she would stay in the European Union, where she was a member of the budget committee, the fishing committee and the education and culture committee, rather than come home to stand for the presidency.

She claimed that there was much more she wanted to achieve in Brussels on fishing and other things.

When asked if she would stand for Sinn Féin or as an independent if she joined politics again in the future, Ní Riada said it was “a difficult and interesting question”.

She said she was a “loyal” person and it hurts her when people are not loyal to her. She said she always trusted Sinn Féin’s “great policies” and would find it difficult to “abandon” it.

She would not go with another party, she said and did not rule out the fact that if she decided to do so in the future, she would return to politics as an independent.

With regard to her new job, she said it was time to “strengthen” the connection between all Gaeltacht areas.

“We have power as a Gaeltacht and I think it’s time to use that power more,” said Liadh Ní Riada, newly appointed Gaeltacht Language Planning Officer.