Fortnite adds video chat through Houseparty

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Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, the popular online third-person shooter with social network overtones, has added a new “video chat” feature for the “Battle Royale” mode, whereby players can now be seen on live and direct while shooting each other.

Fortnite requires to be played on PC or PlayStation in order to use video chat

At the moment the function can be activated in the PC version of the game and for the PlayStation4 and PlayStation 5 video game consoles and in order to use it you will have to use Houseparty, one of the most popular video calling apps during quarantine, which is characterized by allow you to play with friends, and it was acquired by Epic Games acquired last year.

To be able to video chat with friends during a Fortnite game, you will have to link the Epic Games accounts with the Houseparty account. Doing so enables the “Fornite mode” option in the video calling application. Then, you just have to create a group of friends and in the live feeds, their activated cameras will be displayed on the left side of the screen, all this while the game is developing. At the moment, it only allows you to create groups of up to 10 people maximum. However, only four of them will be able to appear on the Fortnite screen.

This is what the chat looks like in Fornite

In addition to having a PC, a PS4 or a PS5, the execution of Houseparty must be carried out from a mobile device, in which the camera that will be the one that “emits” in the development of the video game will be activated. The focus will be adjusted automatically so that only the user’s face is visible.

To achieve this, Epic Games has used Apple and Google’s face detection library. For the background, the system will use a color that will differentiate each participant. This unicolor virtual background and focus mode is used to keep users’ privacy and focus only shows the face, without being confused with the objects behind it.


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