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When we carry out email marketing campaigns we are used to obtaining opening percentages far from 100%, a value that can be greatly improved with the right strategies, but which is always lower than that obtained in SMS campaigns.

That’s right, SMS is almost always open, being ideal as a channel for sending transactional messages and order tracking, of course, but also for campaigns with a commercial objective.

Using a channel of this type is not an easy task, you have to offer value to justify “the invasion”, and transmit the message in very few characters, use the right words, the correct links … all with the aim of offering what the user is looking for, what offers value to the receiver.

That is the subject of the new free book launched by the email marketing platform Acrelia, a free eBook available in this link, with tips so we can lose our fear and write the perfect SMS.

The guide “10 tips to write the perfect SMS” focuses on both the sender and the receiver. It talks about the language that we must use, the level of personalization, the elements that we can put, the extension, the use of capital letters … details that can make a difference.

It is a very important issue to gain the trust of the receiver. Remember that the phishing attack campaigns using SMS increases every year, so it is important to know the appropriate techniques so that the receiver knows from the beginning that it is not a hoax but rather information that he needs.

The aim of the guide is to help companies, as well as brands and organizations, to improve their existing SMS marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in the subject, you can take a look at the rest of Acrelia’s free books at

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