From “Chavo del 8” to politics: Carlos Villagrán “Quico” registered as a candidate for governor of Querétaro

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After announcing in December through his social networks his intention to enter the political life of the country, this Sunday, January 10, the actor Carlos Villagrán, known in Mexico and much of Latin America for his character as “Quico” in the defunct program The boy of the eight, he registered as a candidate for governor and mayor of the state of Querétaro, an entity where the actor has lived for three decades, combining his stay with the city of Houston, Texas.

Through a press conference, the actor who participated in the 70s with Roberto Gómez Bolaños and his popular cast of actors in the program that a few months ago stopped being broadcast on world television, notified his registration as a candidate to run to become Governor or Municipal President of the entity, backed by the local Querétaro Independiente party, which will determine on February 8 which of these registrations will proceed.

Villagrán considered it an honor to be considered to participate in the political contest after maintaining a career through the decades in the field of comic acting, a facet that has taken him with his character to different countries where he enjoys great popularity.

After 50 years of making people laugh, I find myself on another platform, which does me a tremendous honor ”, The actor expressed to various media after completing the registration process.

Carlos Villagrán appeared to present his registration with a blue suit and a peculiar mask, held by the chin (Photo: Screenshot)

And it is that the actor, famous for his peculiar way of crying and his war cry “rabble, rabble”, revealed in his message to be against politicians, whom he claimed to have abused power and put aside public service, he also thanked the president of the Querétaro Independiente party, María Concepción “Connie” Herrera, who is a local deputy, and from 1997 to 2003 worked in the administration of the PAN member Ignacio Loyola.

The 76-year-old actor expressed his gratitude at being considered for this nomination and for being supported by the electoral institute and the party team that will determine next month which of his records to follow up.

And it is that the actor who exposed among his main priorities the fight against poverty and insecurity had already been close to competing for a candidacy in the state, since it was in 2015 when he had rapprochements with the Social Encounter Party.

Still at the end of December, the actor was undecided about his foray into politics (Photo: Screenshot)

Already last December 21 the president of Querétaro Independiente had announced that Villagrán was in talks with the party to contest in the local elections of 2021.

“It is when they feel that they have power, that politicians come to distort and corrupt their functions, because the reality is that those who are elected what they receive is the obligation to serve the people,” he said. Quico for him The Universal Querétaro Last December.

Villagrán’s decision has been surprising, since last month he was still undecided about whether or not to enter politics. He said then that he had not considered the possibility of entering the field, so he would first know the plans of Querétaro Independent and then he would announce whether he accepted or declined the proposal.

In recent months, the actor has caused controversy by showing his denial stance of the existence of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (Photo: File)

“I had never thought, nor had something like this crossed my mind, my job is totally different: make people laugh, dress up Quico… and all that kind of thing, but the other thing, I have to wait to see what ”, he commented in an interview with the aforementioned medium.

“I repeat, out of kindness, for being a decent person, I have to let people talk and then tell them my decision, If I could be able to occupy a position, “added then who today released the news of his affirmative decision to the offer.


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