Gadgets that you cannot miss to live your summer to the fullest

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Brian Adam
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From wireless speakers to solar battery, these are some of the devices that will be your best travel companions.

Summer is here, and for many it means a time of rest and fun. Therefore, we take the opportunity to create a list of gadgets that will help you get more out of this time of relaxation.

And if you do not want to disconnect completely, remember that Telcel accompanies you wherever you go with the best coverage of its 4G network.

From taking your favorite music to avoiding running out of battery, these are some of the devices that will make good travel companions.

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Wireless speakers

What better than to accompany the sun, the sand and the sea with your best songs, so don’t forget the wireless speakers.

Currently you can find different types of speakers ranging from $ 600 to $ 5,000 pesos.

Solar battery

It is one of the ideal gadgets, especially if you will spend most of your time without access to electrical power. This battery simply needs the sun to save energy so that you can charge your phone.

In addition, this device is sustainable and friendly to the environment, since it does not need to consume electrical energy.

You can find them at very affordable prices that range from $ 200 to $ 1,500 pesos.

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Multiport charger

Did you all forget the charger? A multi-port charger will be the best companion for everyone to connect their phones. The prices of this device range from $ 200 to $ 2000 pesos.

Waterproof music player

Take your music to the beach, the pool, or the Jacuzzi with a waterproof player. Some allow you to store up to 1,000 songs, while others have a battery with a capacity of 8 hours of continuous playback.

The prices of this gadget range from $ 300 to $ 5000 pesos.

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You will not be able to buy these gadgets at Telcel, what you can have is the best network to share your most memorable moments this summer.

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