Garmin Enduro, adds 80 hours of extra autonomy with solar charge

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Smart watches have become one of the most used accessories today both by those who do sports on a daily basis and those who do not want to miss any notification from their mobile phone or those who want to control some aspects of their health. Now, if we are athletes and we want to have a more exhaustive control of our workouts, then it is best to decide on a model specially designed for it.

In this way, Garmin It is undoubtedly one of the reference manufacturers in the world of sports smartwatches. Within its catalog we can find certain models designed for running, others offer certain functions specially designed for golf players, while others are all terrain and multisport.

Up to 80 hours of extra autonomy thanks to sunlight

Specifically, in this new section it has just launched a new model designed for all types of athletes that has a great capacity, increase their autonomy up to 80 hours without the need to plug it into the network or use a charger. The model in question is the Garmin Enduro, a multisport watch that offers an autonomy of up to 70 days on a single charge, being able to increase up to 80 more hours thanks to its ability to be charged with sunlight.

And it is that it is a model with solar charge that is capable of increasing its autonomy in up to more than three days with the simple fact of being exposed to sunlight for at least three hours a day. Taking into account that it is a sports smartwatch, it has integrated GPS and is capable of recording all the information about our physical activity.

For those who like to run long distances, they should not worry about the autonomy of the watch, it also has a Ultrarun mode You have to use a rest timer to keep track of the time at the aid stations. It also has a recovery advisor, recommending the necessary rest time between training and training based on the activity carried out, sleep and other recorded data.

It also has a sensor heart rate, oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels, monitoring the dream, etc. It has been launched in two finishes, one with a steel case and nylon strap priced at € 799.99 and the other with a titanium case and DLC coating and a nylon strap that increases to € 899.99.


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