Gmail has a new dynamic to manage emails from Android

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Beyond the new rooms, chats and meetings that will be integrated into Gmail, the Google team is implementing a new dynamic to manage emails from Android.

Yes, an easier way to manage your inbox emails from your mobile.

New dynamics to manage emails in Gmail from mobile

To delete, archive, postpone or perform most actions in Gmail from mobile, we only have to perform a swipe effect. Now that dynamic is enhanced with new icons and animations that give a more fluid experience when managing emails.

As mentioned in AP, Gmail is adding new animations to the scrolling effect and new icons that clearly identify the action that is being performed … move the email, postpone it, delete it, archive it or mark it as read.

A much simpler way to easily identify any option, either by the color or the icon, and not waste time trying to fix an error in the action we take on the email. Of course, these swipe actions are optional, so the user will be able to activate them or not.

Or you may want to enable only the ones you use most often. These options are configured from General Settings >> Actions by sliding your finger, and can be changed as many times as necessary to adapt them to our criteria.

This novelty seems to be being implemented in the latest version of the Gmail app for Android, so if you still don’t see this dynamic available, be patient. Remember that this is not the only novelty that comes to Gmail on Android, since the rooms, chat sections and meetings are being implemented from its interface.

To enable these new tabs that are added to Gmail, it is only necessary to follow the instructions that we explained in detail in a previous article.

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