Google changes the behavior of YouTube: goodbye to jump in the video with a tap on the progress bar

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Google changes the behavior of YouTube: goodbye to jump in the video with a tap on the progress bar

Google has made a small change to the YouTube application for Android that can be a great annoyance for many: the progress bar no longer allows you to access a specific point in the video with just one touch. Instead, you have to hold down on the bar and drag it.

Google applications not only offer access to a large number of company services, but also have to adapt to the multiple devices where they run. Due to the huge range of options, Google usually offers different designs depending on where the application is started; or it may happen that the app behaves differently. This is what happened with YouTube: the progress bar it worked one way on Android and another on iOS. Not now.

YouTube unifies the behavior of the progress bar

Youtube Android Playback

Until now Android offered the same behavior as the web browser when interacting with the video progress bar: if you clicked on a specific point on the bar, playback would jump instantly to that point, the opposite of how the official YouTube app behaves on iOS. That has changed recently, as they discovered in the Google support forum (and reference Android Police): YouTube on Android no longer jumps to the specific instant of playback with just a tap.

What may seem like a minimal change supposes a new learning of the interaction with the app since the logical thing is that the reproduction jumps with a simple touch. Now instead hold down and move the bar so that it moves to the specific playback, a gesture that implies a little more effort (not too much, things as they are). As explained in the aforementioned support forum, the idea is unify the experience on mobile platforms, also avoid unwanted jumps in playback; a change that Google already tried in 2018. Without success.

With a touch the video goes back a few tenths of a second: you have to press and hold and drag

It seems that the change in the behavior of the progress bar is definitive: if you have tried to jump to a point in the playback by clicking on the YouTube progress bar, and you discovered with bitterness that the video was not responding, you will have to get used to. It would be very strange if Google changed its mind.

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