Google Chrome will warn us if we use weak passwords

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The web browser of Google It has been the most widely used in much of the world for many years. Its performance, functions and the ability to add new features through the thousands of extensions available, make Chrome the most used browser every time we visit a website from the desktop, mobile or tablet.

This makes the company itself make a greater effort in improve tool. Your responsibility is increasing, since you must always ensure that the browser offers the maximum performance and safety to users. And it is that more and more, we visit sites where we need to use a password to access private data or our accounts and bank cards.

A few months ago, we saw how Google Chrome added a new Security control with which the browser is able to inform users if any of the saved passwords has been compromised. In that case, the browser will notify us of this and will tell us how we can solve it. In addition, the new security verification tool also has a new way to quickly see if our browser is correctly updated and has the latest security protections, even if we install untrustworthy extensions, it will also notify us.

Well, now the Canary version of Google Chrome has received new functions that have to do with security verification. Specifically, now the browser is able to notify us if any of the passwords used and saved in Chrome it is too weak. In this case, we will be warned about it and the browser itself will help us choose a much stronger and safer one.


How to test these new features in Chrome

The feature is already being tested in the latest Canary version, but anyone can enable it despite not having this version of the browser. To do this, we simply have to open a new Chrome window, write in the address bar Chrome: // Flags and press Enter.

Once there, we have to activate two flags to enable these new functions. Therefore, we look for the flags with the name Passwords weakness check and Safety check for weak passwords, we display the options that are shown next to each one of them and select the Enabled option. From that moment on, Chrome could already verify if we are using weak passwords so that we can proceed to change them as soon as possible.

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