Google, dinosaurs come in augmented reality: here’s how to see them

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Google, dinosaurs come in augmented reality: here's how to see them

Thanks to augmented reality we can now see very funny filters on Instagram and also animals in the real world. For example, just search Google for “dog” or “cat” via phone and a small section will appear with the words “view in 3D”. The latest edition of Big G, however, are ten dinosaurs!

At Google I / O 2019 already there was talk of tigers, scorpions and other animals in augmented reality, but not yet dinosaurs. With the latest browser updates, however, it will be possible see also Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor thanks to the work done for the Jurassic World Alive game.

In fact, the company has taken over the video game models for smartphones for the show through RA the most famous animals of the Jurassic. Once the 3D display has been selected, as visible in this video published by Google itself, the dinosaurs will be positioned in the surrounding environment and will show themselves in their splendour. If you are indoors, however, they will adapt automatically decreasing in size.

However, the limits of this technology are not lacking. To see all these creatures in augmented reality, in fact, in the case of Android, updated devices capable of supporting ARCore are needed; in the case of iOS instead, Google claims that an iPhone 11 Pro is needed.

If you want to experience this experience firsthand, just search for dinosaurs on any browser via the Google search engine and see if you are lucky!

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