Google Drive, Docs and Sheets update their comment system in iOS

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We have been a few days in which Google’s news does not stop, with small updates that improve the complete office suite. And if a few days ago we told you about the arrival of a better PDF editor in Docs, now it is the turn of a part that has nothing to do with writing and content creation but with everything that affects the collaborative aspect between members of the same team, department, company or class.

Leaving comments on texts, spreadsheets or presentations shared between members of the same department is common in these times of teleworking where we cannot go to the office and everything is done electronically. And it is true that at this point Google had a lot to improve, allowing the conversation to be much more agile and, above all, effective.

Much more helpful feedback

It has been Google itself that has announced the arrival of these changes to the comments and annotation engine in the collaborative files of Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations, where the interface has been fine-tuned to accommodate functions that did not exist. This is the case of mentions to other users, as well as a much more sensible organization of conversations thanks to a specific section to manage them.

Old vs. New Comments on Google Workspace. Google

With the new update, each comment we read will be much easier to understand within the context of the conversation. It will no longer appear as a simple sandwich with something written inside it, and that we do not know where it comes from, but The whole thread will maintain coherence to know what and to whom it refers. To the latter, precisely, the function of mentioning other users by typing “@” and then the name will help, so that there are no doubts as to whom this comment, advice or correction is directed to.

All these functions They were already available in the Android versions and it is now when iOS users will be able to enjoy them both on iPhone and iPad, either by accessing documents through Google Drive or through each of the North American office suite apps. By the way, and as always happens with these improvements, they will progressively arrive over the next few days in a propagation process that, in the case of Mountain View, usually takes two weeks for all active Workspace accounts.

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