Google launches an AI that helps you write poems

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Do you like to express your emotions and feelings through poems? If the answer is yes, this information interests you. Google presents a new application guided by artificial intelligence that will allow you to enhance your poetic side or in that case discover that hidden facet.

AI responds to the name of Verse by Verse. The company presents her as “an experimental muse powered by artificial intelligence that helps you compose poetry inspired by classic American poets.” This application makes use of machine learning to generate a “praised poetry” combined with a model that decides which verses are chords to use in the next line of poetry.

Verse by Verse allows you to select up to three muses

Verse by Verse interface
Verse by Verse interface capture

Initially, the main interface of Verse by Verse invites you to write a poem. Once this option is selected, it asks you to select a poet, you can choose up to three options. Among them are William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Paul Laurence Dunbar, to name a few.

Muses of Verse by Verse
Capture of muses available in Verse by Verse

To test the application we selected Amy Lowell. First of all the AI ​​gives you a brief review of this muse. Followed by a prose. Below is the result thrown by the software:


My cup is empty tonight

Cold and dry are its sides,

Chilled by the wind from the open window.

Empty and empty, it glows white in the moonlight.

The room is filled with the strange smell

Of wisteria flowers.

They sway in the moonlight

And it hits the wall.

But the cup of my heart is still

And cold and empty.

When you come overflow

Red and trembling with blood,

Heart blood to drink;

To fill your mouth with love

And the bittersweet taste of a soul.

What do you think of the structure shown by the AI ​​based on our muse? Does it rhyme?

Everything seems to indicate that Google launches this AI with the intention of promoting creativity in contemporary poets, relying on the prose of great American poets.

Thus, Verse by Verse becomes part of the AI ​​whose pattern is writing. A method used by some websites to make note writing easier. Even in editorials.


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