Google launches an Augmented Reality app on “The Mandalorian”

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Google and Disney have worked together to launch a new application of Inverse Augmented Reality that will allow you to live the adventures of “The Mandalorian” on your mobile phone and interact with the characters of the series and discover hidden functions in your own living room.

The application is only available for Google Pixel 5G and other latest generation 5G mobiles

Like other augmented reality functions launched by Google in recent months, which allow you to interact with dinosaurs and extinct animals using the camera, with this app you can interact with life-size versions of your favorite characters, from Baby Yoda, to Din Djarin or Mando himself.

You will be able to take screenshots and save videos to share with your friends on social networks and instant messaging tools. To interact with the characters of “The Mandalorian” in this case you will have to install the application “The Mandalorian AR Experience” which is now available for free in the Google Play Store.

Animated GIF showing a person's hand holding a Pixel phone while using the Mandalorian AR app.

However, although it is not necessary use 5G connectivity to use the applicationYou should know that this only works on Google Pixel 5G devices and on a selection of 5G Android phones that have updated Google Play Services for RA, including the latest models launched by brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and Oppo, among others. .

Each week, more functionalities and scenarios will be added to the application, for which Google, in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, has reproduced most of the scenarios and situations from the first season of the series. Season 2 is expected to be part of the app’s content offering in the future as well.

Animated GIF showing the character the Mandalorian in AR standing in someone's kitchen on the screen of a Pixel phone.

Google already introduced Star Wars stickers in 2017 – something that was imitated by Facebook two years later – for its Pixel 2 phone, but now it provides a more immersive experience with the launch of this new Augmented Reality tool.


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