Google Maps now allows you to make calls and send messages without closing the browser

Google Maps now allows you to make calls and send messages without closing the browser
Google Maps Now Allows You To Make Calls And Send

Google Maps has been improving its browser mode for some time now, for those journeys we make with the car and the app tells us where we should go. A function as old as the platform itself and still you have the task of correctly integrating all the functions that the virtual assistant allows of the Mountain View.

And the driving mode, which we have already told you about on occasion, is one of the culprits that Google Maps is receiving some functions that we would not expect to have within the maps application, such as phone calls, writing messages and even the ability to start listening to songs and albums through streaming services.

“Ok Google, call …”

Thanks to the assistant’s driving mode, Google Maps integrates in a more effective way with the entire ecosystem of actions that we can implement and that their objective is that we do not get distracted when we are behind the wheel. That is why you will not only resort to larger and more visible buttons, but also a whole series of voice shortcuts to quickly start tasks that are typical to carry out in the car. Especially when we use the mobile with a hands-free system.

Calls within Google Maps. Google

As you can see in the screenshot that you have just above, Google Maps will allow Android users to make calls from the application itself without the map disappearing with the path we are following. In this way, the assistant does its job of allowing us to speak while the main function remains in full screen without disappearing, something that happened before this arrival of the driving mode.

Like the calls, We can write messages in all cases in which it is an SMS. If you want something more elaborate, such as accessing WhatsApp and answering, we will have to wait and see if the assistant acquires skills of that caliber. If not, we always have the possibility of listening to music with YouTube Music and choosing a song, album, raising or lowering the volume and controlling playback to pause it or listen to previous or later songs.

This update should be available for users who have a mobile updated to the latest version, preferably from Android 10 onwards. If when summoning the assistant the browser in Google Maps closes, then you have to wait for the Mountain Viewers to send this update to your terminal.