Google Play Points arrives in Spain: what is it and how can you benefit?

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Google, unlike other companies, tends to be more cautious when taking all its products and services to other countries and Spain, it has become clear, is not a priority market for Mountain View. The umpteenth proof of this is what happened with this Play Points that has been operating in the US and nine other territories for almost a year.

Now at last this rewards system from the Android Play Store is spread across Europe so we already have it available for a few hours. And it is that from Google they want users to spend a little more in their application store and, for this, they have thought of a loyalty program that is accumulating points in our Gmail account.

Google Play Points. Google

How does Play Points work?

This reward system that they have devised from Google what it does is add points every time we make a purchase within the store of Android applications. This includes utilities, programs, subscriptions or games, in such a way that for every euro we spend we can add a point to our virtual wallet and go up in level as we complete different spending targets. For example, the silver level is 150 points.

Google has announced that during the first week of this Play Points it will offer a special promotion whereby that point will become three for every euro spent, so it will be much easier to accumulate greater benefits to redeem. It is important to say that any reward to which we want to aspire can only be achieved through new tab that you will see inside the Android store, where in addition to indicating how much we have accumulated, it will show us a series of digital items that we can get and their price.

Google Play Points now available in Spain.

To be part of this Google Play Points You need to join in the new tab that the Mountain View people have placed in the store. To access, you just have to click on the three horizontal lines that you will see at the top left and, in the menu that will be displayed, choose “Play Points”. Once inside, you just have to tap on the green “Join” button to become part of that new system and start collecting balance every month.


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