Google Play will compare similar apps to each other to make it easier for us to choose the most appropriate one

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Google Play will compare similar apps to each other to make it easier for us to choose the most appropriate one

Google Play is a really extensive app store and in it there are alternatives for practically everything we can think of to do with a mobile phone. It is precisely that number of apps that makes there different alternatives for each use, and in many cases they are too similar, hence making a decision about which one to choose is usually based on the ratings of other users.

We tend to install the app with the best rating when we have several options but now Google wants to do something better with its store. Soon, Google Play will have a function to compare some apps with others. This way we will know what one or the other options bring us before installing them and we can take, surely, less disappointment when opening them.

For now, in multimedia player apps


The information lands directly from Android Police, since the web team has been the one that has located the app comparison section at the bottom of Google Play apps. For the moment, yes, the comparison between apps is apparently limited for multimedia player apps.

This comparison places several apps next to each other showing us several of its characteristics faced, such as its ease of use, the ability to reproduce content offline or not, if they are capable of broadcasting to external devices, if they have subtitle support, etc. Perhaps the multimedia playback apps are the most synthesizable, hence they have been the first to enjoy this functionality.

Apparently, this new functionality is already included in the version 22.4.28 of the Google Play Store app for Android but it has not been activated yet from the Google side. However, from Android Police they have managed to briefly activate its operation to extract an animation that shows how it will operate once it is released.

It is unknown at the moment if this app comparison will be a global function for all of Google Play or if it will be limited to a specific number of themes, but the fact is that the development seems quite advanced and it may be a matter of time before Google activates it. Let’s hope that this simple section within the apps will help us decide which one to install, as the alternatives continue to grow in an increasingly extensive store.

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