Google prepares a new Nest Hub model that could arrive very soon

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We all have quite assimilated that when we buy any mobile or smart device, it will be surpassed by a new model just after a year since its launch, so if those things matter to us, we’d better get hold of it as it hits the market, to keep it in effect for as long as possible. And virtual assistants were not going to be an exception.

It is the case of Google that in recent months it has not only renewed some ranges, but has also removed others from its sleeve that have turned the previous models into authentic relics worthy of a museum. If not, look at the cases of the old Chromecasts versus the new ones with remote control, or the smart speakers that flourished like mushrooms in millions of homes and today are transformed between the Nest Audio models and those with a touch screen.

A new member of the family arrives

Thus, it has been the certifying entity of the USA (FCC) that just passed up what looks like a new version of a Nest Hub (A4RGUIK2) with touch screen. Or maybe two, because you have to remember that there are currently two variants on the market: the normal one with its small 7-inch screen, and a larger one with 10, the Max, which incorporates a front camera and everything.

FCC document on a new Nest Hub.

It should be remembered that these two Google Nest Hubs (unlike other ranges) have far exceeded that grace period of twelve months to renew and, in the case of the smallest model, it already has more than two years behind itas it landed in stores in October 2018; while the more collected and compact version did not do so until practically a year later, that is, September 2019.

In the documentation that has been known and that has transcended beyond the FCC, it can be seen a reference to how to access all device regulatory information, with access to the menus that matches those currently on the market and with its latest OS update. So we can practically take the existence of this new (or new) Nest Hub for granted.

This new Google assistant with a screen It would have wifi connectivity, bluetooth and the so-called Zigbee, which is a specific protocol for smart home devices that could be related to a coordinated effort by the entire technology industry to have a standard capable of working together around what is known as “Connected Home over IP “.

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