Google removes the Parler app from the Google Play Store

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Google has withdrawn from its Google Play Store the Parler app, a kind of messaging system and social network that in recent months has achieved great popularity for hosting numerous followers of Donald Trump – who yesterday it was permanently blocked from Twitter– and supporters of far-right parties, who left Twitter to switch to a “less restrictive” and uncensored platform.

Parler is used in place of Twitter by many Donald Trump supporters

The company has published an official statement in which it indicates that the withdrawal of the application, which since last night can no longer be downloaded, is carried out “to protect the safety of users” of Google Play, since according to the policies of use of The app store, any app that displays user-generated content must have moderation systems that remove content that, for example, incites violence.

Parler app far right Trump

According to Google, any developer who uploads an app with these characteristics to the application store must accept the terms of use. The company points out that in recent months it had already warned Parler on several occasions of the need to moderate user content, but after the events in Washington and the assault on the United States Capitol last week, Google points out that Parler has not been able to moderate such comments.

Therefore, the company has proceeded to remove the application from its app store, until Parler can resolve this issue and demonstrate that it has a moderation system.

For its part, Apple has also given Parler an ultimatum to include a moderation tool. If it doesn’t do so today, Apple will also remove it from the App Store for iOS. However, at the time of writing, the app was still available for download, as TreceBits has been able to verify.


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