Google TV will have support for several users, but is it really good for anything?

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The new Google Chromecast not only represents a revolution with respect to the concept of the HDMI dongle in its previous generations, but also takes a huge leap in terms of content management and streaming platforms. We have gone from a device that is limited to projecting what we ask of it on the screen, to being proactive and offering us series and movies that might interest us.

Hence the new interface that we have already talked about and that is inspired by the one that they have, for example, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which offer an overview of the main novelties that we can enjoy on Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and even TV operators (in our case Spain) when they release new and important fictions.

Google fixes its initial mistake

The point is that in the beginning, those of Mountain View had not spoken anything about a possible compatibility of the new Chromecast, and Google TV, with the presence of different profiles, depending on the user who connects to the platform, which would force everyone to see the same content arrangement on the cover, without fine-tuning anything according to the tastes of each one or of its viewing history.

New Chromecast from Google. Google

Initially, Google has confirmed that that multi-user support will not arrive with the versions of Chromecast that can already be purchased, although it is part of what they call a “roadmap” of product development. That is, they have it in mind, which is why it is one of the top priorities of the team that is responsible for maintaining Google TV updates.

Anyway, It remains to be seen that something like this has a real utility within the new Chromecast because Google TV would not only have to be able to differentiate a user within their operating system, but also within each and every one of the streaming platforms they have installed. Because, what sense does it make that we can create several profiles on Google TV if later, when showing the content of Netflix, Disney +, HBO or Prime Video, you cannot select what we are seeing with our profile in each of the platforms?

Remember that multi-user support is critical in these subscription services because it allows several members of a family, for example, to keep a different history of content they see, without losing the thread or remembering which chapter they are going through. Doing the same with Google TV in the new Chromecast interface would be useful only for the purposes of movies and series from Google itself, which, remember, threw in the towel with its YouTube Original a few months ago.

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