Google TV will launch a ‘basic mode’ to simplify your user experience

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Over the years, the operating systems of smart TVs and HDMI dongles like Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, etc. they have been filling with all kinds of content, calls to action and a whole series of listings with alternatives to see from all the streaming platforms on the market. Everything compressed on a single screen and thousands of menus with scrolls.

A kind of souk where many times we get lost in the face of so many alternatives and they only distract us of the absolutely essential, which is to go where we wanted, start the application and see the next chapter that we left half the day before. So Google, which just a few months ago put a new Chromecast on the market with a completely revamped (and saturated) interface, thought it would be a good idea to offer a much simpler and clearer alternative.

Take away everything that distracts you

So, those from Mountain View have decided to put a stop to that content madness and have thought it would be a good idea develop a new basic mode for their Google TV, in such a way that it is the user who decides how saturated the screen wants from your television. If you prefer to see all the content that is available or if you think a less noisy experience is better.

New basic mode on Google TV. 9to5Google

As you can see in the screenshot that you have just above, When we decide to have Google TV in basic mode, all the recommendations will disappear of series, films, documentaries, content for children, as well as the preferred and installed applications, or search resources through the North Americans’ own virtual assistant.

That way, basic mode will simply reveal what live TV is, with the channels that we have tuned through the DTT, and the inputs to the Smart TV. That is, the different HDMI, VGA, SCART or whatever we have. That is, technically our television will stop being smart and it will behave like the models we bought 15 or more years ago.

Of course, that we have the option of leaving Google TV as a wasteland without applications or show recommendations does not mean that at any time we can enter that list of apps that we have installed to start any of them. So if we are not watching more than one or two things on television, and we never put on Netflix, neither Prime Video, nor Disney +, the same is good to activate this new Google TV function.

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